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A Mystery Measure of Gratitude by Angelina Akimana – A Review by Gisele Ingabire

The title of the poem, A Mystery Measure of Gratitude, effectively sets its tone and theme while creating a sense of curiosity about the content to follow. It reveals how gratitude is a huge mysterious thing. Some people can exercise it while others completely lose insights on it.

The poem is structured in quatrains (four-line stanzas), which is a common and effective structure in poetry. The authors’ consistent use of quatrains provides balance in the poem.

The first stanza introduces the theme of desire and contentment. The imagery of “puzzled air” sets up the idea that some people are content with what they have while others are always searching for more.

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While the second stanza contrasts abundance with simplicity and how one’s pursuit of abundance can lead to sorrow, it emphasises the value of finding happiness in simplicity.

The third stanza, my favourite, beautifully portrays the idea that joy can be found in the little things in life, emphasising moments of connection and love. The use of personification, “joy that softly sings,” adds a poetic touch.

What I like the most about the following stanza is the imagery of “quiet happiness silently shines.” It is strong and memorable, which adds depth to the poem.

The final stanza provides a powerful message about measuring wealth not by material possessions but by the stories and life experiences. The use of “gratitude” and “wealth untold” effectively encapsulates the theme of the poem. The closing line, “In simple joys, our hearts enfold,” leaves a lasting impact on the reader.

Overall, the poem is themed on the value of simplicity. Its tone is reflective and contemplative, encouraging readers to consider the importance of appreciating ‘small’ moments in life.

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