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A Dance with Nostalgia by Gisele Ingabire – A Review by Alice Ghislaine Musabe

The poem, A Dance with Nostalgia by Gisele Ingabire (Mom’s Moana), is a beautiful portrayal of love, combining sweetness with a twist. It presents the dreamy fairytale aspect of love, as well as the painful and decaying side of it.

Throughout the poem, Ingabire exhibits a strong descriptive quality and employs vivid and body-centred word choices. This creates a visual and sensual experience. Words like “trifle,” “fangs,” and “chews” stand out and add depth to the piece.

The tone of the poem takes an exclamatory third-party perspective, using expressions like “ah,” “oh,” “alas,” and “oh yes” to intensify the emotions. These are effectively used throughout.

As for the structure, A Dance with Nostalgia is lyrical. It delves deep into a sea of emotions, which is engaging for the reader. The words used are universal, contributing to a smooth emotional flow.

The first and fourth stanzas beautifully depict someone lost in love, with a lyrical quality. The second, third, and fifth stanzas, on the other hand, portray the challenges and pain associated with love’s failure, both for the soul and the body.

The flow from the fourth to the last stanza is particularly striking. These stanzas are well-structured, emotionally compelling, and filled with poetic beauty. Each line carries a significant impact.

To sum up, I would say that A Dance with Nostalgia is a beautifully-structured poem that showcases various poetic styles. The theme, word choices, and overall tone of the poem are all appealing, making it a beautiful read.

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