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My Desires by Bruce S. Tuyishime – A Review by Lise Nova Berwadushime

In My Desires, Bruce S. Tuyishime didn’t use ink but love to dip his pen. Across four stanzas, the author successfully weaved a magic carpet and took his readers on a beautiful ride.

In the first two stanzas, the persona earnestly conveys their devotion to their beloved. This is vividly portrayed in lines such as “Before I take your world, I’ll give my word.”

The last two stanzas explore passion and desire, with a hint of audacious playfulness that might be aptly described as ‘straightforward naughtiness.’ This facet can be seen in the daring verse, “That is why I want to reach your heart, Before your pants fall at our eager feet,” and the paraphrased notion of “…bestowing upon your integrity before embracing your innocence.”

All in all, the persona’s aspiration is to fully conquer all islands of his lover’s heart before any physical part of their body. It encapsulates the essence of “I desire to touch you before touching you” and trust me, one could win the hearts of a thousand women with this phrase.

The poem evokes a feeling that the persona was reading or reciting it to his bride on their wedding night, culminating in this final stanza:

“That is why, I want to reach your heart,
Before your pants fall at our eager feet.
To give you integrity, a trust so deep,
Before taking virginity, a gift to keep.”

The author employs a variety of poetic devices, which gives the piece a poetic flair and leaves every poetry lover in awe. It explores love and its attributes like service, tenderness and intimacy. All in all, My Desires is an enjoyable read.

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