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A Mystery Measure of Gratitude – Angeline Akimana

Week: October 23 – 29, 2023

In the realm of wants and needs,
A stretch vast, where desire leads.
Some hearts content with mere fare,
While others chase puzzled air.

In abundance, some find sorrow,
Lost in dreams of a brighter tomorrow.
Yet in simplicity, a treasure unfolds,
A happiness that forever holds.

For those who seek in little things,
Discover joy that softly sings.
A smile, a touch, a moment shared,
In humble moments, love is lived.

Comparisons may cloud the mind,
Leaving discontentment to unwind.
Yet, in the shadows of fewer dreams,
A quiet happiness silently shines.

So let us measure not by gold,
But by the stories life has told.
In gratitude, find a wealth untold,
In simple joys, our hearts enfold.



Angeline Akimana holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Materials Science from the University of Rwanda. She is currently a volunteer at CorpsAfrica/Rwanda, where she facilitates different community-led development initiatives. She also has first aid skills. Her hobbies include singing, reading, and conveying her feelings and ideas through writing.

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