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Review: Whispers of Fading Ink by OlaBell — Alice Ghislaine Musabe

Whispers of Fading Ink is a beautifully crafted, short lyrical piece in which a lonely soul implores to be found, yearning for love and recognition from family, especially their mother and sister. The poem also implores the reader to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-love.

Loneliness, love, kindness, gentleness, journaling, friendship, and family resonate throughout the poem penned by poetry duo, OlaBell. The piece serves as a poignant reflection on identifying a lonely soul and suggests ways to treat them with care, aiding in their transformation from a state of unwellness to wellness.

Lyrical in nature, Whispers of Fading Ink employs nostalgic language and emotionally charged expressions. The author utilises words and clauses to create relatability, fostering a connection with the reader.

The imagery within the poem is exquisite, providing a vivid depiction of each line. Phrases like “trace your fingers,” “unfinished poems,” “crumbs of my rifted patience,” and “fading ink” stand out. They appeal to the senses and enhance the overall experience of reading and understanding the poem.

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