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Caged by Love by Amina Sakina Igeno – A Review by Gisele Ingabire

Caged by Love implies a sense of entrapment and confinement within the context of a romantic relationship. Each line of the poem contributes to the theme of love as a restricting force rather than a liberating one.

The first stanza depicts the initial allure of love, represented by ‘love’s sweet facade.’ The persona finds themselves trapped, walking within the confines of a cage created by the falsehoods and deceit within the relationship.

In the second stanza, the gilded cage in the first line symbolises a glamorous and enticing exterior of the relationship, but since it is somehow a cage, despite its outward beauty, it only serves to confine her further, preventing her from reaching her dreams and aspirations.

Hail third stanza where the persona’s dreams and desires are represented as birds longing for freedom. In fact, the found one. However, the weight of love’s embrace acts as a suffocating shroud, suppressing her voice and forcing her into silence.

The fourth stanza is tear provoking perhaps because anyone can relate to it in their lives or love battles. Here, the persona tells the tales of how the girl masks her pain behind a smile, hiding the tears that fall when no one is watching. They attempt to cope with the cruelty of love’s grip but ultimately loses themselves within the confines of the cage.

The fifth stanza portrays the persona’s glimpse of attempt to free themselves. It shows that despite this girl’s struggle, she desires liberation. She yearns to find a way to break free from the chains imposed by a relationship built on falsehoods. The persona lays out the meaning of love in its truest form, highlighting that love should emancipate instead of confining or suppressing joy.

The sixth stanza which is also the last speaks of a new day after a long and cruel night full of darkness.

“In time, she will find her strength anew,
To break the bonds, to bid adieu.
In freedom’s light, her spirit shall soar,
For real love sets free, it does not conceal.”

This stanza depicts hope for the future. The persona highlights that the girl will discover renewed strength to extricate herself from the relationship and bid farewell to the cage. In the light of freedom, her spirit will soar, meaning that genuine love should liberate and allow for growth and self-expression.

Overall, the poem effectively communicates the emotions of feeling trapped, deceived, and silenced within a relationship. It utilises imagery, such as ‘the cage’ and ‘the gilded exterior’, to portray these sentiments. The theme of seeking liberation is prevalent throughout the poem, creating a sense of longing and resilience within the reader.

About the Reviewer

Gisele Ingabire is a writer and a poetess who is currently pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Law at INES-Ruhengeri University. She believes that writing and reading heal. Books are her siblings. When she is not writing or reading, she travels, try new restaurants, hikes, and have fun with family and friends. She also likes to watch movies. She can be found on Instagram as xandagiselle or Twitter as XandaGisele.

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