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Editorial Issue 1

Editorial – Sandra Nadege

Greetings from the land of a thousand hills,

Welcome to Umukarago, a literary magazine that aims at beautifying and amplifying works by Rwandan and Rwanda-based writers and poets. We believe that each line or sentence of the works we publish carries the power to invoke emotion and have a significant impact on you.

In our maiden issue, we have granted our contributors complete creative freedom to delve into the themes they love and express their unique messages to the world through their craft. We have received multiple pieces that could be different, like day and night, and we found this variation to be beautiful and inspiring. We hope you will appreciate the breadth of creativity and ideas presented in this issue.

Get ready to experience different narratives, unique perspectives, and lived experiences oozing from the deepest rooms of our writers and poets’ souls. We hope that the poetry speaks to your heart and the stories spark your imagination, making you smile as much as we did when we first received them. As we embark on this literary adventure, we extend our gratitude to the talented contributors who entrusted us with their works. We also express our heartfelt appreciation to you, our reader. We believe that your engagement will breathe life into our current and future publications.

Umukarago aims to keep showcasing works that are smart, funny, fearless, iconoclastic, weird, new, creative, different, specific, experimental, somewhat rude at times, or ones that have interesting and well-informed opinions. May every issue, present and forthcoming, deeply resonate with you.

Sandra Nadege

Chief Editor

Featured photograph by Maxime Niyomwungeri via Unsplash

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