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Issue 1 Poetry

A Witness To Bear – Jainaba Danso

Tonight, I’m but a shell,

Stretching its stingy nerves

To reach my love at pitch’s peak.

I’m unwilling to let go

For I found my muse.

Amuse me with strings of joy,

I’ll cross rivers to reach your taste.

Let the show begin:

Bath me with lavenders

And I’ll feed you natural honey.

It’s a sin to delay this process

And if this be a love forbidden,

I’ll defy all tempting odds

To fulfill this purpose in me,

If only heaven bears me witness.

Featured image by Mayur Gala via Unsplash

About the Contributor

Jainaba Danso is a young African writer who is enthusiastic about cultures. She is also a lover of nature and landscape. She has published a poetry anthology named If We Must Kiss. As a law student, her life revolves around laws and literature.

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