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Issue 1 Poetry

Two Poems – Grace Uwizeye

The Moonlight Serenade

I hope she draws hers
And I hope she never renews my sketches
When you make love to her.
I hope she sounds a little bit louder
And bites her lips a little sexier than I did
When you made love to me—
In the kitchen, on the couch,
Out in the woods under the moonlight,
Wind blowing my hair onto a voice that kept screaming your name,

Is it June? The July’s?
Or the December’s cold moon
That reminds you of how it happened?
For me,
It’s fresh and warm like honey and milk
As if it was yesterday—
The memory of the patterns I drew all over your back,
The dance moves your tongue and mine made in the dark
And the hills your kisses left under my belly button.

It’s not gone or lost
For the sun still burns in the sky to turn us on
And the nighttime breeze still sings that song that moves our bodies.
You can’t wait any longer,
I can’t wait anymore,
And we both can’t wait for the rain to wet us and start.
For that you want it,
I too want it more and deeper:
The memory of us in sheets.

Wall Flower

I will meet you, and kiss you without staring into your eyes first.

I will stare at your lips as alluring as I did

When you made my thighs dance.

I will then whisper in your ears;

“Darling your taste still burns me to ashes

Like the stare of your chocolate brown eyes

And the touch of your soft hands.”

Featured image by Designecologist via Unsplash

About the Contributor

Marie Grace Uwizeye (Chockie Grace) is a young Rwandan artist, feminist and the co-founder of the Bodies Unbound Initiative. She expresses her emotions, thoughts and feelings through dancing, writing and acting. She is known to be a chocolate lover, and that’s why Chockie is part of her pen name. She has performed in the Red Rocks Cultural Festival 2022 under the Bodies Unbound dance performance in collaboration with different female artists. She has also narrated the Bodies Unbound 2, a story about the relationship between body and gender, which was screened and performed at Goethe Institut Kigali on January 3, 2023. Chockie currently partners with different artists, poets, dancers and organizations to create impactful content that entertains and inspires a global audience.

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