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Issue 1 Poetry

Youths and Our Fantasy – Gilbert Becko Niyitanga

In the fantasy world of youth
Where dragons roam and knights soothe,
Imagination runs wild and free,
In a land of wonder where anything can be.

In this world, dreams spring to life
Of magic spells and enchanted dive,
Where mermaids swim and fairies fly,
And unicorns gallop under the sky.

In the world of youthful fantasy
Lies tales of love, courage and truth,
Of a hero’s journey and a maiden’s plight,
A story of hope,darkness and light.

With every page, we fall in love
With stories from far above,
Of epic battles and daring feats,
Of heroes who fed their foes enduring defeats.

In the land of youthful fantasy,
The power of the mind is our ecstasy
Where anything is possible with just a thought
And in this world, anything can be sought.

Growing older we may forget,
The power of imagination, the stories we’ve made,
But deep within, the magic still lies,
And from our hearts, it will forever rise.

As we walk through life’s flaming stage,
We carry with us its wonder and sage
And find in the magic of the world around,
The truth of life and all that’s profound.

Featured photograph by Jed Villejo via Unsplash

About the Contributor

Gilbert Beco Niyitanga is a 25-year-old Rwandan poet, business researcher and article writer. He lives in India and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management at Kalinga Institute of industrial technology (KIIT).

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