Writers Space Africa-Rwanda
Issue 1 Poetry

I Wish – Pacifique Niyitanga

Like sunshine
In the blue sky
Shiny and warm
Through the mists;

Like a singing bird
At daybreak
Voicing its rapture
Free and confident;

I want to wake up
Like a sunflower,
Waving through the
Slow-blowing wind.

I wish I would
Sleep peacefully
Before midnight,
Soft and warm as a child;

I could wake up
in the morning light,
Tranquil in delight
As a tripping butterfly.

Featured image by Julentto via Unsplash

About the Contributor

Pacifique Niyitanga is a passionate screenwriter who puts his family first. He lives in the world of fiction, where write-ups rule. He is a veteran poet who is married to creative writing, and his kids are rhymes and acrostic lines.

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