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Issue 1 Poetry

Big Girls in a Little City – Cynthia Shimwa

“All women must be strong!”

Does strength mean not shedding a tear?

Can the city become big

For the big girls

To have a shoulder to cry on?


This is a little city,

Suffocating souls

With little judgments.

Who told you

That walking on streets

Offering a piece of your soul to passers-by

Doesn’t weigh down a heart?

Who said that tears flap their wings and flee

As time dyes your hair white?

What can relieve pain?

Of course nothing!

Only keeping it by yourself,

Grinning ear to ear

While dying inside

And saying, “time heals.”

Featured image by Eric Ward via Unsplash

About the Contributor

Cynthia Shimwa, also known as Umusare Cynthia, is a Rwandan writer who lives in the Southern Province. She found her lost pieces in diverse themes reflecting her sentiments towards the environment around her. Umusare occasionally lives in Musanze for her studies at the University of Rwanda. She believes that with life, a person can reach further.

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