Writers Space Africa-Rwanda
Issue 3 Poetry

A Now Peaceful Abode | Armella G.R Saro

Hand in hand
We’ll walk this hilly green land
Above the sea of cloud
And rolling thunder sounds
You’ll take me down lanes
To your peaceful abode

We will do all we haven’t done
Whether in the rain or under the sun
You’ll show me trees that have grown
Where bullets once grazed
Where craters, bombs once made
Where blood once flowed

Rest easy for the roads have been made even
And we no longer stiffen
Because of loud sounds or classic pieces
We have made music that eases
The hurts, the aching scars
Left on our skin, bones, hearts and souls

Armella G. R. Saro is a Rwandan girl who loves to read and write. She works an eight-to-five office job and loves God and her family the most. When she can, she’ll snap pictures of nature and the sky because that’s where she believes true beauty lies.

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