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Whispers of Fading Ink — OlaBell

When you do find me in the empty notes of my diary
Wrinkled and a bit wet, in between those unfinished poems
As you trace your fingers on the tensed ridges of each page
Let me lend you the crumbs of my rifted patience
A fistful of my subdued, loving-kindness
A little bit gentle as you go, page by page
Whisper as you read; the fading ink has my secrets

Shall you feel lonely as you found me,
Look at my friends, my mother, and my sister
A drop of their love would make the unwell better
Love them back grandly as you pass
And love yourself as well
Be as beautiful and bold as you are.

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OlaBell is a duo consisting of Olangui and Bella. They reside in Rwanda and specialise in poetry performance. They commenced their journey in 2017, initially working independently. It was during this period that they first crossed paths and presented their iconic piece, “Street Kids.” The duo shares a passion for writing and explores various facets of art. You can follow them on Instagram.

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