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Issue 1 Poetry

Two Poems – Divine Ukwishatse

Hold Me Tight

Hold me tight

Until you let go by the cliff

Where gravitational force will pull me,

Where the wind will blow me towards

The mountain of tomorrow

And the Sun of today.

Wrap me like a fine corn with your embrace

Shake my feelings back and forth

Uncork my heart like a champagne bottle

And release me over the cliff and pa!

Let the champagne bubbles hit the ground like my tears

Pull my soul in those two glasses

Drink after you make a toast

Recall the last time you saw me…

Hold us tight

Till you do not let go.

Come to the cliff

Wrap you like a fine cane

Shake yourself like a champagne bottle–

Your feelings are already on the mountain of tomorrow

Release yourself and follow me.

The Kind of Love

the kind of love that makes myself bleed


when i use my brain to track all the losses

revealing a billion petals of a flower you’ve planted in my heart

revealing the bruises of your sweet soft voice in my mind

revealing the infinite times i’d break on top of your absence

the kind that makes me say

iby’abajya ikuzimu bigeze iwa Ndabaga

(the episodic seasons of hades are out of hands)

the kind of sentiments these lines entail

leaving you unaware of my sadness

over-pouring weariness

the kind this season is displaying

has defined you—my Exterior Heart

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About the Contributor

Divine Ukwishatse is an ambitious lady who lives in Kigali. She dreams of pursuing programs related to aerodynamics. She writes poetry and short stories to express her feelings, especially when they have captured her. Divine has been active in a variety of activities, including administrative, information technology, and mental health. She enjoys multitasking on both hot and cold days. She loves spending time with friends and family, dancing, shouting, and going on random adventures.

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