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Issue 2 Poetry Umukarago

Ode to the Shadow – Elvis Munyansanga

O my shadow:

Dark and uninviting,

O lifelong companion:

When the sun is at its highest

And “me” at my lowest,

There you are, cast at your longest

As if ready to swallow me.

I frequently relinquish control,

Letting my life be led by others

And like the wind

I am blown whichever way

Desiring only to live without a bother.

So every time I look down at you

I wonder–

My shadow, do you see this and seethe?

As I live in the present

But stuck in the past,

Allowing my misdeeds

To crumble my future;

Time goes on and

I feel a sort of pain,

Filled with longing.

My shadow,

You always watch me

And when I fall short,

I notice you the most

For when I am down

I picture you

Leaping off the ground

And taking my place.

Featured image by David Werbrouck via Unsplash

Elvis Munyansanga is an aspiring musician and writer. He dreams of moving the hearts of the people of the world through the art he creates, and with God’s help, he will make that dream a reality.

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