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Issue 2 Poetry Umukarago

Away From Him – Angeline Akimana

Away from him in twilight’s embrace, I stood alone.

Only God knew our little dark secrets,

And He wasn’t going to screenshot the conversations.

My heart was wrapped in whispers of bittersweet memories,

From the love once cherished, I had to retreat.

Away from him, my soul took a flight,

A dance of emotions in the depths of night.

I read the sky with blurred lines,

As I navigated a world torn apart.

The moon, a symbol of my love’s demise,

Cast a pallor upon my tear-stained eyes.

Its distant glow whispered secrets untold

With an ode to love’s illusions that couldn’t last.

With all those impossible promises,

My steps cadenced with rhymes of regret

As I sought a haven where I’d unfold.

I penned a narrative of letting go,

Confessing I was less but you wanted more,

An extended metaphor, my shield and guide,

From the anguish that my heart had to hide.

As I stand to step away from him

And pave my path, finding my rightful place,

Let my words bloom like flowers in February,

Guiding me towards a brighter day.

Away from him, my heart’s depths I’ll roam,

Hoping to be renewed and recycled.

I will write a note to the new self,

I will find my hidden identity.

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Angeline Akimana is an aspiring undergraduate material scientist. She dedicates her time to exploring the world of materials and their applications. Alongside her academic pursuits, she contributes meaningfully to the community by volunteering with CorpsAfrica Rwanda, where she actively engage in social development initiatives. On the professional front, she plays a vital role at Rwanda Plastic Industry Ltd, contributing to the production process and furthering her knowledge of materials in practice. Beyond her academic and professional commitments, she is also a proud member of the Writers Space Africa, showcasing her passion for creative expression and writing. With a diverse range of interests and experiences, she is a driven individual committed to both personal growth and making a positive impact in various spheres.

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