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Issue 2 Poetry Umukarago

Devil Incarnate – Eric Jovial Hirwa

The fork held between your scarlet lips

Your eyes cutely fixated on my face

All of a sudden, I feel your legs pressing against mine

From across the other side of the dining table.

I quickly glance at your face

And our eyes lock! You wink at me

And make that bewitching face

That makes me helpless.

You get up, drag your feet, looking at me

Casting a deadly spell to my existence!

Once again, I have fallen in your trap!

I wait for a moment that feels like a decade

And then leave everyone behind on the table

Pretending to have an upset stomach.

I follow you to the forbidden garden

Where you walk like you own the place

On our way back, I swear to myself

To never come back to that wretched place;

A statement that I always seem to forget

Whenever I am in your presence.

Oh devil incarnate!

When will you spare me your evil temptations

That only lead to destruction?

When will you cease to entrap me with your schemes and plots

That you know I always succumb to?

Or does it takes two to tango?

Featured image by Everton Vila via Unsplash

Eric Jovial Hirwa is a Rwandan writer. Since childhood, he has found solace in the world of words and has been captivated by the power of storytelling. As a little boy, he realised that the pen held the key to expressing his thoughts and feelings that the world around him wouldn’t always understand. Driven by a deep desire for connection, he weaves narratives that touch on themes of love, mental health, social justice, and existentialism. Each word he writes is intended to unite hearts, to remind others that they are not alone, and to inspire understanding and fraternity among people. Through his heartfelt narratives, Jovial firmly believes in the unifying power of storytelling.

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