Writers Space Africa-Rwanda
Issue 2 Poetry Umukarago

Black Gold – Gad Shabazz Cyiza

She listens to the subtleties in nature and

The soothing sounds of creation. 

In her head,

A tender voice whispers, “Oh what a rat race!”

As she leaps out of the glider of misery,

She lets loose her parachute of faith and hope

Yearning for a smooth landing.

The force of the unseen bends the wind in her favour and

Directs her to green meadows with rivers flowing beneath.

Oh, what a rat race!

From weakness she commenced, 

To strength she was placed,

To weakness she’ll be returned.

Though her hair turns gray and space invades her jaws,

She was born to be free.

Featured image by Freepik

Gad Shabazz Cyiza is an aspiring Muslim Rwandan author who finds himself fascinated by the huge and intrinsic aesthetics within creation. He is a simple person who finds peace and delight in expressing himself through words. The pieces he works on focus on redefining current precepts, concepts — who we are, what we’re capable of, the nuances, and the delicacies of our existence.

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