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A Tale of Tears and Tender Touch – Gisele Ingabire

It was a night in early spring,
With the first soft breaths of wind,
That was cool enough to make her shiver,
But not frosty enough to freeze her bones.

In the soft glow of dawn’s light,
The tiny fairy emerged, and then,
Her heart bled with joy and sorrow,
For she knew trials lay down the road for this fragile being.

A delicate fairy with wings like gossamer threads,
Stirred and opened its eyes,
Enthralled by the World Rose’s beauty fair,
The fairy wished for its petals.

Yet the world often fails to treat guests with care,
And roses have thorns.
With his fingers pricked, quivering in pain,
The fairy’s orbs, as blue as forget-me-nots, spilled the first sorrowful tears.

Her emerald eyes shimmered with tears of empathy.
Gently, she lifted the tiny creature with her arms,
Her tender touch brushed a stray tear from the fairy’s cheek,
She then smiled a soothing balm to the tiny being’s wounds,
For the mother’s love is a gentle breeze that soothes the soul.

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