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The Thrill Ride & Other Poems – Gisele Ingabire

The Thrill Ride

You are the butterflies
That always wink in my stomach.
You are the stars that glitter and gleam.
You light up my life all day long,
Your lightning hits my soul
And excites my heart forever.

I see the reflection of my happiness
In your eyes,
Picture perfect,
Like a bouquet of posies,
Like a sky full of sunshine,
You bring a shy smile to my rim.

Let me step into the warmth of your arms,
Let me bask in the sunshine of your smile,
Let me hold you a moment longer,
You took my pulse without ever touching me,
Like honey and flowers, you are my bumble-bee,
My being is on a thrill ride and I’d die willingly.

I Desire No More

Beneath the star-free twilight sky,
You bring me laughter
When I only feel the pain.

In the grumbles and growls,
I listen to your heartbeat rhythm
And each sound keeps me free of fear.

One touch of your soft but strong hands,
One kiss of your fine wine-like lips,
Take me to cloud nine, I desire no more.

You bring me sunshine when I only see the rain. Your smile ripens my wings,
You kiss my tears goodbye when I fly towards you.

Photograph: Unsplash

About the Contributor

Gisele Ingabire is a writer and a poetess who is currently pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Law at INES-Ruhengeri University. She believes that writing and reading heal. Books are her siblings. When she is not writing or reading, she travels, try new restaurants, hikes, and have fun with family and friends. She also likes to watch movies. She can be found on Instagram as xandagiselle or Twitter as XandaGisele.


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