Writers Space Africa-Rwanda
Issue 3 Poetry

Seventh April | Briane Nkwihoreze

A cry here, another there,
Adding up with time
Till they’re all one could hear,
The heartbreaking sobs.

A corpse and another,
Gazillions of them all over
“What sin did they commit though?” I ask
“They were born,” says history.
Dry blood on the walls
The rest flowing like rivers
O Rwanda, how did you get here?

Those babies, the beautiful women,
The daughters, sons, fathers,
The cold-blooded killers spared none
Thank heavens, Inkotanyi came

The buried seeds know,
and the flowers in bloom know:

Briane Nkwihoreze is a Rwandan poetess who loves writing. To her, poetry is a way of expressing her thoughts rather than speaking them out. Most of her poems relate to mental health awareness. Checkout her Instagram, @lakay.

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