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WSA-R Launches Inaugural Edition of Its Literary Magazine, Umukarago

Umukarago, the highly anticipated literary magazine published by the Rwandan chapter of Writers Space Africa (WSA-R), has finally made its debut, presenting readers with a diverse collection of works by Rwandan and Rwanda-based writers and poets.

From profound poetry to captivating fiction and book review, this online magazine aims to captivate its readers with its wide range of creativity and ideas.

Umukarago‘s mission is to showcase the rich diversity and creativity of Rwandan writers and poets, and those who call Rwanda their home. It aspires to become a platform for literary expression that evokes emotions and leaves a lasting impact on its readers.

In its inaugural issue, Umukarago has granted its contributors complete creative freedom, allowing them to delve into their preferred themes and convey their unique messages to the world through their craft. The result is a mesmerising array of literary pieces that cover a spectrum of experiences, each offering a distinct perspective on the human condition.

The issue was edited by Sandra Nadege, serving as the Chief Editor, along with Cosma Mugisha, Lise Nova Berwadushime, and Justine Umuhire. This collection features talented writers and poets such as Ange Dusingize, Patrick Shyaka, Jainaba Danso, Divine Ukwishatse, Olga Colombe Nyampinga, Aimee Merci Dominique Iragena, Muctar Inkindi, Pacifique Niyitanga, Grace Uwizeye, Gilbert Becko Niyitanga, Esdras Rwakana, and Cynthia Shimwa.

Patrick Nzabonimpa (Tom), the Country Coordinator of WSA-R, expressed his enthusiasm for the variation and diversity of the received works. He extends his deepest gratitude to the contributors who entrusted their works to the magazine, recognizing their invaluable role in shaping Rwanda’s literary landscape.

Equally important is the appreciation expressed towards the readers, whose engagement and support breathe life into the publication.

“It is through their participation that Umukarago will continue to grow and flourish, offering an outlet for smart, funny, fearless, and experimental works that challenge conventions and provide thought-provoking insights,” said Nzabonimpa.

The maiden issue of Umukarago can be accessed via this page.

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