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Caged by Love – Amina Sakina Igeno

Week: September 11 – 17, 2023

In shadows cast by love’s sweet facade,
A girl confined, in a cage she trod.
With whispered lies, her heart was trapped,
In love’s deceit, her soul declared.

A gilded cage, adorned in charms,
Yet freedom lost in love’s false arms.
She yearned to soar, to touch the sky,
But love’s illusion made her sigh.

Her dreams took flight, like birds set free,
In whispered winds, she longed to be.
But love’s embrace, a heavy shroud,
Kept her captive, in silence, bowed.

She wore a smile, a mask so bright,
Concealing tears that fell each night.
In love’s cruel grip, she tried to cope,
But in that cage, she’d lost all sense.

She sought a key, a way to flee,
To break the chains of false decree.
For love should set the spirit free,
Not cage a heart, nor imprison glee.

In time, she will find her strength anew,
To break the bonds, to bid adieu.
In freedom’s light, her spirit shall soar,
For real love sets free, it does not conceal.

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Featured image via Unsplash

About the Author

Sakina Amina Igeno is a poet, conservationist and co-owner of AKE Giftshop. She is known to switch on different hobbies but reading has woven its threads most deeply into her soul. She channels feelings from novels into verses that resonates with human experiences, uniting hearts and minds. She often finds elements of nature like rustling leaves, sunsets, and the moon being key to most of her metaphors. She is the world of emotions and ecology where words intertwine with nature. She can be found on Instagram as @sakina32_ .

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Caged by Love by Sakina Amina Igeno – A Review by Gisele Ingabire - Writers Space Africa-Rwanda September 18, 2023 at 12:27 pm

[…] Caged by Love implies a sense of entrapment and confinement within the context of a romantic relationship. Each line of the poem contributes to the theme of love as a restricting force rather than a liberating one. […]


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